Corporate Team Building

KABANA BEACH MUSETTE Yacht docked Being part of a successful team means working well together. Many business owners and executives help promote success through team building exercises designed to improve communication and productivity among coworkers.

Rather than do something boring in the office, help your team work better together on a Tikki Beach cruise! Corporate team building is about getting everyone in a great mindset to learn from each other and then apply that knowledge to work better as a group.

It’s easy to have a positive and upbeat attitude when you’re cruising the beautiful Florida coastline on a private yacht with everything included!

Tikki Beach can turn an ordinary boat ride into a wonderful event which your team will be talking about for years to come. You may even have to start a tradition!

People aren’t motivated when you’re sitting in the stuffy conference room on a midweek afternoon. Trying to improve team chemistry and morale simply isn’t going to work in the office, so get as far away from it as you can! With a wide variety of ships to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect yacht for your team building cruise.

TIKKI BEACH Barge Dining Never chartered a boat before? Call the professionals at Tikki Beach and we can set you up with the perfect package to suit all your needs. Just tell us what kind of corporate event cruise you’re looking for and let us take care of the rest.

There are many ways to help your team succeed on a company team building cruise and there’s no better charter company than Tikki Beach. Let us surround you with luxurious amenities while your coworkers complete valuable team building tasks in a fun and exciting environment.

Getting out of the office is key for motivation and effort so the next time you’re looking to improve your staff through an off site bonding trip, trust that the professionals at Tikki Beach can help bring you there. Build company culture and let employees embrace your corporate values in a positive and neutral venue. Choose from any of the luxury vessels in our fleet and see what a difference a cruise can make for you and your employees.

They won’t believe how much fun learning and growing as a team can be thanks to the staff of professionals at Tikki Beach!

SUNDREAM Yacht exterior view