Custom Barges

TIKKI BEACH BARGE BUFFETSouth Florida is a beautiful place that’s typified by one thing- its beautiful waters. When you’re planning a party, wedding or any other event, it’s time to take advantage of all the natural beauty offered by Miami and surrounding cities. If you’re looking for the best custom barges in Miami, look no farther! At Tikki Beach Charters, we’re here to complete your event with the perfect custom barge.

Our namesake barge, the Tikki Beach Barge, brings South Beach flavor and South Pacific classic looks. If you’re looking for the most unique custom barge in South Florida, you’ve found it! Our Tikki Beach Barge is the perfect party setting, with room for up to 150 guests. That makes the Tikki Beach Barge the perfect choice for your fun party, your private wedding or your luxurious event. Our experts at Tikki Beach Charters can customize our namesake barge to perfectly fit your needs.

When was the last time you enjoyed the luxury, exclusivity and absolute fun of custom barges in Miami? At Tikki Beach Charters, we know that our custom barges are perfect for any event. What are the benefits of renting custom barges? Firstly, costs are easy to control when you realize that everything you need is right on board! We can include plenty of great amenities with your custom barge rental, including:

  • Cabana Beds
  • Galley with Onboard Chef
  • Jumbo Palms
  • Climate Control
  • Seated Dining
  • Lower and Upper Decks
  • Dancing Areas
  • Event Staff
  • & Much More

With these different features all rolled up into one rental, you’ll wonder how you ever planned an event anywhere else! At Tikki Beach Charters, we’re focused on making your event planning as simple as possible with our one-stop shopping. Our barge rentals in Miami bring more than just a great ship, these rentals include everything you’ll need for a great event.

Our custom barges are the perfect fit for your wedding, family reunion, birthday party, corporate event or any other gathering that calls for a memorable location. With our custom barges, South Florida’s beautiful coastlines become the backdrop of your event. With easy planning and great prices, our barges will be your new favorite event destination. At Tikki Beach Charters, we know that custom barges in Miami are the go-to for all types of events. Looking to learn more about your barge choices? Give our planning experts a call at (305) 538-4040 to learn more!