Private Charter Boat Rentals Miami

Do you have an important corporate event coming up and you need to impress important clients? Holding in the conference room at your office or some hotel ballroom won’t cut it. You need to think big…think executive! Tikki Beach Charters caters and hosts private charter boat rentals for corporate events in Miami. Show your co-workers, your clients and your boss you have what it takes to be an innovator and separate yourself from the crowd. Let Tikki Beach Charters provide the perfect setting for what would otherwise be a hum-drum corporate event. Give us a call today at (305) 538-4040 for more information on how you can be the superstar of your office by taking your business meeting to the next level.

Call Tikki Beach Charters today and let us host your next company function. Miami is too beautiful to spend your time between four walls, even if you’re attending a business function. Take advantage of the scenery and Miami’s waterways by hosting your company’s get together on one of our private charter boat rentals. We provide excellent service, and our friendly, professional staff gives you the multi-million dollar treatment. Don’t ever plan a boring company event again. Let Tikki Beach Charters add that extra touch. Give us a call today for more details. We look forward to hearing from you, soon.


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