Why Rent Private Charter Boats in Miami?

If you’re planning an event, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or even a corporate celebration, you may have a tough time choosing the perfect venue. At Tikki Beach Charters, we know that with our private charter boats in Miami, you can have the perfect event. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere, an exclusive vibe or a luxury experience, you’ll find your perfect fit when you rent a party boat in Miami from our fleet!

At Tikki Beach Charters, we offer the best vessels for parties of all shapes and sizes. You can count on our private charter boats in Miami for large gatherings of over 350 people, or you can choose our smaller ships for intimate parties with just a half a dozen guests. No matter the need, we have the perfect party boat for your event!

What’s included with our private charter boats in Miami? Everything you’ll need! We have our captains, crew, décor and many other elements included in your party boat rental in Miami. Even if you’re looking for a themed event or amenities and party starts such as jet skis and water activities, we’ve got your perfect charter boats and services. Call (305) 538-4040 for your party boat quote.

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