Weekly Bahama Charters

Party BargeResting a mere fifty miles off the coast of South Florida lies an oasis where sunny skies and beautiful blue water is all around you. The Bahamas are a unique group of hundreds of islands known for beautiful beaches, fantastic snorkeling and five star resorts. One of the best ways to experience this paradise is with weekly Bahamas charters from Tikki Beach. With hundreds of islands to explore and no shortage of natural beauty, it’s no secret why more people are choose a Bahamas yacht charter from Tikki Beach. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the warm sun and salty sea spray without a care in the world while our crew takes you on a cruise you won’t soon forget. Weekly Bahamas charters are a great way to get to the smaller islands which aren’t big enough for planes to land and it’s a lot more fun cruising all the islands in style.

The weekly Bahamas charter offered by Tikki Beach is a great way to get the whole family out for a vacation everyone will enjoy. Want your kids to put down their phones? A charter luxury yacht cruising the light blue waters and white sand beaches is the best way to get their eyes off the screens! Dive in for some snorkeling around the many coral reefs teeming with wildlife. Get a nice tan on deck or start that book you’ve always wanted while a professional captain and crew do all the work for you. The Bahamas are known for being a sailors paradise, but you don’t have to get their on a cramped little craft. Cruise in style with one of the luxury private yachts available from Tikki Beach. We have a large selection of vessel options to accommodate any party size or unique needs. Simply call Tikki Beach and let us know your ideal vacation and let us take care of the rest!

If you haven’t experienced all the Bahamas have to offer, you need to take your family on the vacation of a lifetime. Let Tikki Beach be your guide as you cruise the warm ocean waters and escape from reality on a private yacht of your choosing. Weekly Bahamas charters are just part of what make Tikki Beach one of the top yacht charter companies in South Florida! Call today and schedule your vacation with the team who can make it great!