What Expenses are Included in my Yacht Rental?

What Expenses are Included in my Yacht Rental?In Miami, planning a party can be exceptionally challenging. But at Tikki Beach Charters, we’re working to make your party planning a much easier experience. When it comes to putting together a party, corporate event, wedding or any other gathering, our private charter boats in Miami are the perfect solution. Maybe you’re wondering, “What expenses are included in my yacht rental?” Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Tikki Beach Charters we offer affordable yacht, boat and catamaran rentals that include many wonderful features for your needs.

What Expenses are Included in my Yacht Rental?

The most important part of any boat is its captain! When you rent your yacht with our team at Tikki Beach Charters, you won’t have to worry about finding a crew to keep the vessel sailing where you’d like. That’s because all of our rentals include a knowledgeable captain and full crew. Whether you’re renting a catamaran, a small yacht or a mega yacht from our fleet, you can rest assured that your rental also includes the necessary crew to keep the boat safe.

Many of our vessels also include themed designs and elements within the ship that can enhance your event. For example, our world famous Tikki Beach includes tropical themed elements that create a memorable event. With natural huts, plants and even palm trees, the Tikki Beach is one of our most popular private charter boats in Miami. Tikki Beach also includes plenty of seating, covered and open air, on our floating beach.

Our Kabana Beach is another wonderfully themed vessel that includes beautiful furnishings and spaces. The ship’s main deck includes stylish Chiavari chairs, tables and wonderful linens for your event. You’ll also find a full sized granite bar and even a DJ area on this ship. Out on the bungalow deck, you’ll also find contemporary furniture that’s perfect for lounging during events.

When you choose our private charter boats in Miami, you’re choosing elegance, ease and beauty. All of our vessels, no matter the size, are immaculate when it comes to cleanliness and wear. These vessels are the perfect location for any event, big or small. Regardless of whichever vessel you choose, your rental will include a full crew and captain to navigate. Additional rental inclusions vary from ship to ship, but these extras include furnishing, linens and plenty of chairs to accommodate your event.

At Tikki Beach Charters, we’re proud to offer the best array of yacht, catamaran and private charter boats in Miami. Your yacht rental can include many wonderful features that help ensure your event goes off without a hitch. We invite you to start on your customized rental and rental planning process by calling (305) 538-4040.

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