What Size Yacht Do I Need for My Wedding?

What Size Yacht Do I Need for My Wedding? These days, wedding planning seems to have become a confusing venture. But at Tikki Beach Charters, we’re bringing ease back into weddings. With our yacht, boat and catamaran rentals in Miami, you can have a show stopping destination wedding right in South Florida. Still, we know you may have a lot of different questions about your wedding yacht rental. Which port can my wedding sail from? How long is the rental? What size yacht do I need for my wedding? Our yacht rental experts at Tikki Beach Charters can help you plan your perfect waterfront wedding, answering these questions and many more.

At Tikki Beach Charters, our yacht and catamaran rentals in Miami are the best around. We have a fleet of amazing yachts, party boats and spacious vessels that are perfect for your wedding. If you’re looking for a themed party, hop aboard our namesake Tikki Beach. If you’re hosting a large wedding, you’ll find plenty of space aboard our 350 passenger Sir Winston Mega-Yacht. At Tikki Beach Charters, we have plenty of yachts, boats and catamaran rentals in Miami that can hold anywhere from 4-500 passengers!

The yacht that you choose for your wedding will depend on many different factors. Our team at Tikki Beach Charters can help you choose the yacht that’s perfect for your needs. If you’re looking for a short and intimate ceremony, then our 40 passenger luxurious yachts may fit the bill. For a truly memorable cocktail hour, we invite you to set sail on our Coconut yacht. And for a truly elegant experience complete with crystal adorned dining spaces, we invite you to board or Kabana Beach.

Our yachts, boats and catamarans at Tikki Beach Charters sail all around South Florida hot spots. You can embark from popular ports in Miami Date, Broward or Palm Beach counties. From the moment you board any one of our exceptional vessels, you’ll be immersed in the quality, service and beauty that sets Tikki Beach Charters apart.

When most people think of Miami, they think of the beautiful waters that surround the city. At Tikki Beach Charters, we’re here to help create your dream Miami wedding with the best yacht, boat and catamaran rentals in Miami. Whether you’re enjoying a wedding with 4 guests or 385 guests, we have the perfect rental.

What Size Yacht Do I Need for My Wedding?

Our floating beaches and unique charter vessels are the perfect location for your ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception. We invite you to let Tikki Beach Charters host your wedding! You can call (305) 538-4040 to find your personalized rental solutions.

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