Yacht Rentals for Corporate Events

Luxury Yacht at SeaContrary to popular belief, not all office parties have to take place in an office. The same goes for corporate events. The word corporate doesn’t have to imply stale or boring. One of the perks of living and working in Miami is its location near the water. Today business world is even more competitive than ever before. One of the best ways to impress a client or to improve office camaraderie is to host a corporate event on a yacht. When it comes to yacht rentals for corporate events in Miami, more companies are turning to the professionals at Tikki Beach Charters.

At Tikki Beach Charters, we have the solutions to host your perfect corporate event. A luxury yacht is the perfect venue to host a conference meeting, corporate luncheon or team building event. Our team of customer service representatives can address any of your questions or concerns about yacht rentals for corporate events in Miami. We have a complete fleet of luxury yachts equipped to quickly turn your corporate function into a memorable experience. Yachts provide a scenic and tranquil atmosphere you can’t find at any other indoor location. Each corporate yacht contains multiple deck layouts which allow plenty of room for presentations, speeches and team building activities. Our luxury vessels also provide ample space for separate buffet areas, multiple bars, air conditioned dining decks and customized flooring.

The professionals at Tikki Beach Charters can do so much more than just provide yacht rentals for corporate events in Miami. We can also help provide the necessary food, beverages and decorations to fit your theme. There’s no reason why corporate events can’t be fun. We go the extra mile to ensure your event or party is perfect. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank for private yacht rentals in Miami. Tikki Beach Charters can provide the best yacht rentals for corporate events in Miami to fit your budget.

Renting a yacht shouldn’t have to be a complicated process. Our customer service team makes yacht rental easier than ever before. Simply tells us what you are looking for in yacht rentals for corporate events in Miami. We also have the most competitive rates in the industry. See for yourself why Tikki Beach Charters has a long track record for customer satisfaction and personable service. Make your next corporate event productive and memorable. Contact the team at Tikki Beach Charters today.